Your Boler is a reflection of you, they are often a blank canvas just waiting for you to add your personal touches.

Your idea of modifications may include decorating the interior with your favourite theme, adding custom components, or going all out customizing and modifying the entire Boler.

In this section I have tried to document common Boler Modification Ideas & Projects, they are categorized by difficulty and cost.

Easy Modifications

Decorating & Painting

After 30-40 years most interiors needs a good cleaning and brightening up.  I cover this in the Maintenance section.

External Water Reservoir

Is your water reservoir cracked, broken or missing?   Here is an easy modification that has many advantages over the original.

Screen Door Options

I like to keep the entry door open but the is nothing to keep mosquitoes or other bugs out.  Here are 3 options to choose from.

Shady Boy Awning – Installation

Looking for an awning, this is the answer I had been looking for.   Installation and set-up.

LED Tail Lights

The original tail and marker light look classic but are not very bright and often don’t work.  There is an easy solution replacing the original lights with LED

Organizing the Closet

Here are a few iideas to make better use of the closet space

Simple LED Interior Lighting

Using battery operated LED lights is an easy and efficient way to brighten the interior at night


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Moderately Difficult

Adding 12V Power

If you have an original Boler they were not equipped with a battery.  Installing a deep cycle battery allows you to add lighting, water pump, stereo system and many more accessories.

Power Roof Vent

Adding a power roof vent increases the air circulation inside the trailer, here are 2 different power roof vent options

External Water Resivour

Is your fresh water tanks leaking or even missing?  Here is an easy solution that I prefer.

Adding an Electric Water Pump

The original Boler came with a hand pump, there is nothing wrong with these, but they are not great if both hands are dirty and over time they stop working.  If you have added 12 volt power to your Boler then adding an electric water pump is easy.

Adding an Awning

Adding an awning provides shade from the sun and protection from the elements

Extending the Bed

The bed in a Boler is only 44″ wide, this simple modification to increase the width of the bed

Installing Scamp Hinges on a Boler

Follow these simple instructions and you will be pleasantly surprised with the result.


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Major & Complex

The Boler Frame

The frame is the foundation of your Boler. This article outlines

  • About the Boler Frame
  • Problems with the Boler Frame
  • Removing the Body from the Frame
  • Building a New Frame – New Design
Replacing Jalousie Windows

Radius corner side windows update the look of your Boler, This is not a simple installation

Front Dinette Conversion

One of the most popular modification, making your Boler a trailer for two.

Increasing Ground Clearance

Correcting ground clearance problems, do you want to offroad your Boler or do you need a new axle?


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These are a few pictures of my 1973 Boler. … read more


4 Responses

  1. Debbie
    | Reply

    I would like to see your modifications on how to expand the bed

    • Ian
      | Reply

      Hi Debbie
      I only started to build this site 6 months ago so still have a lot of articles to write and complete. Any of the titles that don’t have links are either articles I have started writing or plan to write, sorry I cannot tell you when they will be finished, it all depends on the amount of spare time I have.

  2. janet
    | Reply

    I would like to find someone to put in new windows in my 1977 boler

    • Ian
      | Reply

      Which windows Janet?
      The front and rear windows or the side windows?
      The front rear windows can be replaced by most auto glass repair shops, make sure you read my article in the maintenance section and follow the information on acrylic thickness.
      I do not recommend replacing the side jalousie windows, any of the modern replacements will limit the ventilation to 50% of the Jalousie and cannot be left open in the rain. On top of that radius windows will not fit into the current openings without adding fibreglass patches on the corners

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