The following links all relate in some way to Boler trailers or molded fiberglass trailers.  I do not have any association with any of these companies or individuals so please use your own judgement. I do have personal experience with several of these link, those that I have marked with a √.

Boler FAQs

Boler Forums & Groups

Forums & Groups

Fiberglass RV Forum 

The original and most popular forum dedicated to molded fiberglass trailers

Bolerama   (Link directly to their forum here)

Bolerama is the term used to identify Boler gatherings or events

Boler Camping (Facebook Group) 

A social group of passionate Boler trailer owners and their camping adventures, favorite spots, and planned trips.

I Own a Boler (Facebook Group) 
Chance to give others ideas, post items that you have and may want to sell or give away, fix up solutions and general forum.
The Boler (Scamp, Casita, Buro, Trillium) Travel Trailer (Facebook Group) 
Do you own one of these nifty little travel trailers? Are you looking for one? Or are you just looking for tips on how to rennovate your trailer. Also accepting photo’s, website links, and anything related to one of these cute little eggs.

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Boler Owner Pages

Title_50x Proud Canadian  √

The custom build of my 1974 Boler “Buttercup”

This is my sister website where I have documented the complete build of my Boler.
Lots of information here but also some duplication on this site

My Boler Videos 

These are videos of my build of the 13′ Boler Trailer

Boler Bitches  
This is a very fun group that are crazy for bolers and vintage trailers of likeness and simply likes to enjoy the friendship of other like minded individuals… We are passionate for the restoration of these little beauties we find in farmers fields and behind old sheds that have been abandoned or that may have been passed down for others to enjoy
Also on Facebook pages Here and Here
I’m BB#006
Our Boler Adventures

1975 Boler owners chronicle their restoration and camping adventures.

Our Boler

Boler owner blogs about their restoration and camping adventures.

Our Boler Adventures

1975 Boler owners chronicle their restoration and camping adventures.

1979 Boler Renovation

Renovations to a 1979 Boler

Boler Life came to life because a Boler is a special little travel trailer, everybody seems to have an affinity for them. People will stop to comment about it whether it is on the road, in a campsite or parked on my driveway.

Boler Boons and Blunders

Adventures and blog by a Boler enthusiast

Nancy Kroes’ 1978 Boler Project

Renovations to a 1978 Boler, A great example of what can be done.

Rose and The Rambler

The urban camping and wilderness living adventures of Tarah and Ryan in their ’94 Ford conversion van named Rose and The Rambler, a 1979 17 foot Boler.


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Other Interesting Links

Fiberglass RV’s For Sale  √

A very popular site to buy or sell molded fiberglass trailers. Searchable by brand and location

Unforgettable Road Trips in America

This site was sent to me by Christopher S. who, with his mom are using this site to help plan a camping road trip

WonderfulWellies  √

A very fun and informative site from the UK with great camping information

Lakeshore Images

Welcome to Jon Vermilye’s collection of photographs of State & National Parks, Waterfalls, New England, Nantucket, Birds & Animals, Flowers, Landscapes, & Theatrical Productions, Trips Around the USA, and hundreds of RV related Links.

Escape Trailer Industries  

Escape Trailer Industries now offers a full line of RV travel trailers – 17’, 19’, 21’ and a 21’ tandem axle fifth wheel, all designed for smaller and mid-sized tow vehicles. All of our units are high quality, 100% molded fiberglass, and come with a full two-year warranty. The size, aerodynamic features, and lightweight design keep travel costs to a minimum.

Scamp Trailers

Scamp small travel trailers are durable, lightweight and aerodynamic. In 1972 Scamp originally built Bolers in the US under licence, since then they have produced their own versions.

Scamp Owners International

This is one of the oldest ongoing Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailer Clubs dedicated to Scamp  trailers

Casita Travel Trailers 

Since 1983 this family owned and operated company has built one of America’s Favorite Lightweight Travel Trailer, our pride shows in the level of comfort experienced every time you and your Casita travel highways and byways.

Nest Caravans

A new molded trailer with very innovative design and construction

Happier Camper

A new molded trailer based on the Boler design with very innovative features

6 Responses

  1. Tarah
    | Reply

    I really like the site so far! We also recently started a blog about owning and living in a ’79 17 foot Boler as well as our camping adventures in our ’94 Ford conversion van. We’d love it if you took a look at our site and possibly share it on yours if you think it fits! We’re just happy to connect with fellow Boler owners.

    • Ian
      | Reply

      I would be happy to include your blog if I can also ask for you to provide a link to my site.
      Love the Boler community.

  2. Roos Beauce
    | Reply

    what a wonderful little caravan. I am looking for one in the Netherlands. Could someone give some advices about it ?

    • Ian
      | Reply

      Although the actual Boler is no longer made the Scamp is almost identical although shipping overseas would be expensive. Another option for you would be to investigate moulded fibreglass trailers built in Europe, here is one made in Britain that looks very interesting

  3. R V Fort
    | Reply

    Where do you suggest that I get parts for a 1972 13’6″ Boler travel trailer ?

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