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If anyone has dabbled with building and maintaining websites they know how much work they are and how much time they consume. When technical problems arise the frustrations increase, the ultimate kick in the seat of the parts is when something crashes and you loose what you created.  Well this happened to me a while ago, a database crashed, I was able to restore 99% of the content but I lost over 200 pictures.  Well they are not really lost, I have them all but I need to reattach each one to the location in each page.  To add insult to injury the crash effected two of my sites, the total impact is over 100 pages …. you get the idea.

I have been procrastinating on this chore, I have better things to do, and most are a lot more fun but today I gritted my teeth and decided to start the long tedious chore, starting with the Boler Parts Page, this page is very popular and being as spring is coming I wanted to get some information up for everyone to reference.  I will continue fixing the Boler-Camping website, but I also want to get going on building the ultimate Boler resource site

  1. Benoit rudeau
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    Incredible work you do for the Boler community, I want to thank you for your deep sense of generosity by sharing all of this information, I just had a new frame rebuild for our Boler 1977 and the new frame is based on the plans I found on your website.
    It takes a lot of energy to do this work and you do it perfectly!…Boler’s owner’s are in good hand with you!…You are an Ambassador to the community and I’m sure your work is well appreciated!

    Saddly I will be selling the Boler this spring!, lately we have found an Airstream Argosy 1977 6 Metre, (19 Ft) an addition to our Airstream Flying Cloud 2011 25FB…so we have to let the Boler go!…to my view, there is no trailer outhere that match the Boler spirit, simply put, this trailer will make you see the world without breaking your wallet, it is by far the best llight trailer, and the most versatile unit one can find!…..

    Keep up the good work… my Boss use to say!

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