Website Update – Parts Page

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If anyone has dabbled with building and maintaining websites they know how much work they are and how much time they consume. When technical problems arise the frustrations increase, the ultimate kick in the seat of the parts is when something crashes and you loose what you created.  Well this happened to me a while ago, a database crashed, I was able to restore 99% of the content but I lost over 200 pictures.  Well they are not really lost, … Read More

Spring 2017 – Getting Ready for the Summer

This winter has been a long and cold one, as spring approaches I am starting to think about our upcoming summer travel plans.  This summer our Boler will be used more than usual, our retirement allows more time for adventure and to join more fibreglass gatherings and events.  Even though the snow is still piled high the planning and preparation needs to start as soon so I am ready to jump into the Boler upgrades and maintenance as soon as the … Read More

Fibreglass Cracks

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Question ” We are going to start the exterior updates and have some questions. If you have the answers or can send me to links that I can research. 1. Fiberglass cracks. We assume we need to grind it down, create a channel to put fiberglass in – do we use mesh or strand? 2. Do you have a recommended brand of fiberglass to use? 3. We are painting it ourself. What brand of paint and where do you look … Read More